Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fast Friday

Fast Friday

Fast Friday this year was crazy. it consisted of 2 races. Essentially a race to registration was Friday's evening race. The Format of the race was based on number cards, each card having a checkpoint destination. When Furgus yelled GO! Kell was already gone, Me i slowly walked towards my bike and took off after the pack. The first checkpoint was the same for everyone on Jessie st. I got card 2 which shot me off to Jones and Post Streets. There were a total of 6 checkpoints and the whole entire race was crazy. I rode with a kid from Seattle, we broke traffic, Rode down Lombards famous crooked street, fixed brakeless mind you, and ended up taking 9th and 10th places. Kell finished in 11th.

There was the main race yesterday which Kell was the only WOB member to enter I hear was crazy. Ill leave that to him tho

Chas won all the races

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