Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fast Friday, and Saturday Fast.

Well Ill chime in on the races last weekend. As JB said Cadence threw the finals weekend of their FAST FRIDAY race series. A race to qualifying was held friday evening starting at the statue. This race was all based on luck, and the lady didn't shine my way! It was a pick a number format, so you never knew where you were going next. Had me pinging back and forth across the city. JB pulled 9th, and I an 11th. Congrats JB for actually finishing a race in front of me!

The Saturday race I did alone. Similar format, just much longer! This one was all city and had a dice/zone format. Roll a dice to tell you witch of 6 check points you are headed to, three zones with two checks in each. Same zone 1 point, cross into new zone 3 points, and cross a whole zone for 6 points. Do this for 3 hours exactly and get back with the most points! But be aware that every minute late is a 5 point slam!

Needless to say Sat was a long day. Raced well, remembered to eat and drink, but in the end, the cramps caught me with a bit to the calf. Had 24 points and was working on 30! That would have pushed me to the top five, but alas the cramp made me decide against making the dash for the last points in lou of making it back on time as to not loose any more points. In the end 24 points was good enough for the middle of the pack. Chaz won every race that weekend, further proving his beast status. Lots of fun, pissed off a bunch of drivers, "sorry guy". Frisco at rush hour is a riot!

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