Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Real Talk, Tom, & Detours

This week has started off very interesting. Monday there was a lot of excitment down at the statue. Yelling and cursing a few times, but I was involved in one. Some ex messenger had came around yelling at some guy walking his bike. Dude was on something, and he dodge into my way. I said watch out and he started talked shit. I warned him not to say anything to me, and what did he do? follow me and started yelling at me and the other messengers. I got hot and got in his face and started pushing him. I have a temper, I know this. I ended up just walking away telling him to leave before I went Ali on his ass, but dude would not go away or shut up. Thats when Rick opened his mouth and gave the strung out dude a talk. A real talk, while throwing in the threats, lol. Guess what? Dude left without saying a word. It was great....

Read the full thing over at WOB Messenger

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