Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MASH Trick or Track

So this weekend was Halloween. After a extremely slow day at work, (its getting worse) I rode over to the Polo Field for the MASH Halloween Alleycat. The race start were at the fly fishing ponds behind the Polo fields. As the race was about to start of course the drizzle and rain started. For anyone that does not know, MASH races generally are fixed gear only, very short yet blazingly fast, hard, and the strongest come out. You want to see how fast you are? Come to one.
When Mike Martain yelled go, I was the first out the gate. Unfortunately for me I had not scouted out an exit path from the start, I ended up going right, I looked back and everyone, EVERYONE, were going left. I flip it and tore after them all. I was looking for Kell who was with the lead pack, probably had a 9-10 car lengths on me. I chased them down and caught up to Kell right at the beach. We both took down after the MASH riders heading to the Sutro baths checkpoint. Our next stop would be the bridge over in Stow Lake, the rain was coming slightly harder and the roads were wet. I was the navigator, Kell was the pusher. We hit the checkpoint where we caught Steve and Furgus. We searched for the checkpoint worker, WHO happened to be a WOB member. Anton was suppose to be on the bridge, he caught a flat and was somewhere else on the lake. We got our stickers and took off down a pitch black path.
I flew, I had $5 riding on this race, I wanted it. I dropped Kell slightly when leaving the lake, and once I had blew though the light at I lost him completely. I was heading to the Island at the ferry building. I got in my drops and spun. Went right over Oak st hill. It was scary, the street was wet, I was looking for dry spots on the side of the street under trees to skid on, it was crazy nuts, but hella fun. I got the the checkpoint and the last one was the Bar on 3rd and Geary streets...
Critical Mass. A group of drunken and stoned idiots who dont ever ride their bikes that terrorize the streets of major cities, disrupting traffic. This was the halloween Critical mass too so it was larger than ever. I raced though them yelling at the top of my lungs MOVE. I made it though with no crashes surprisingly. When I had lest the island I was right on Steve (baby Murder) ass. He took up off Sutter street, I had decided on Geary. I never ridden Geary straight on, but during that race I went over those two hills, and sprinted though that underpases and right though the Geary tunnel. When I emerge out of the tunnel there was Steve. about 4 blocks ahead of me. I put on the burn, I was hurting but I thought I could do it. He hadnt seen me so chances are he wasnt giving it his all. I knew I had to get him...
10 seconds. I lost to him by that much. Good race. I was in 2nd place. Fergus was in at 3rd, and Kell 4th. As Kell and I was speaking on the race, I came to realize I missed a stop. Boo. I was disqualified, but to make me fill better, If I had hit that checkpoint the race results would not have changed.
It was a very intense race, but one of the coolest. Thanks Mike again and Cant wait until the next one!


  1. Final results:


    JB owes Ben $5


  2. umm i wasnt with you at the strawberry hill checkpoint.. i only saw you at the island and at the finish.. just to clarify. Yes fun alleycat