Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Thankful For . . .


Thanksgiving is a time where all family and friends come together and celebrate, um, well, they get to enjoy some time together. This year Kell's parents, Ron & Nancy, invited some of us WOB's down to dinner. It was decided that we would ride our road bikes down via Hwy 1. We had done this ride last year but then we had done it on our track bikes. Total mileage was something around high 90's nothing the WOB couldn't handle, and since we had road bikes it wouldn't be so hard as the previous years ride.

Kell & myself met at Anton's house and that was where we all took off. A quick bart ride to San Francisco and we were already shivering. It was a very cold morning but the weather overall was perfect. We hopped on Hwy 1 and took off south. Now this was my very first serious ride on a road bike. I can seriously appreciate the gears and ability to coast, coming down all those hills at 40plus mph is a thrill. Its insane. We had a slight headwind for a bit but then it switched on us a little after Half moon Bay where we rode on to Pescadero to stop for lunch. After lunch everyone felt better and we powered on to Santa Cruz in hardly no time. By the time we had reached Aptos I doubt anyone had anything left. Surprisingly, Anton and Kell both climbed that very last and very steep hill leading to that finish line. I hopped off for a second, but decided to climb it, and as soon as I made it to top I shifted gears. Thats when my chain decided to get caught in between the chain ring. 

Oh well, We had made it right in time. Dinner had not been served and we all got in a shower before hand. Dinner was delicious, and Kell's family are really amazing and welcoming people. All and all is was a really great Thanksgiving for the WOB.

Thanks once again Ron and Nancy for your hospitality and everything else!

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