Sunday, October 24, 2010

Other Lately Happenings

Well here's some other fun moments from the last monthish.

My bike is BANANAS!

This is my niece Hazel. Her 2nd birthday was Sep 22. She's just cuter than a button.

Solo came by and made an appearance at Sav's birthday, fresh out the hospital and on her way south. Further proving her beast status, holding down a heavy WOB card with 6+ broken bones, a collapsed lung, and a beautiful tiara. Heal up quick girl!

So if you WOB with the WOB, you'll be at WOB hill, and if you be at WOB hill, you surely know Seeds. If not meet Seeds, aka Tits. Tits has three babies, and if your lucky you may see them.

Dead squirrel. Not Tits!


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