Monday, July 5, 2010

Quake City Rumble

Damn. Thats was final thought about this race series. Fast, rough, brutal as hell. This is the 7th Annual Quake City Rumble. A weekend of racing though the streets of San Francisco. Mind you it was also the weekend of the 4th.

If you have been following the blog you would be aware that the WOB has been racing quite a bit these past few weeks. A lot of them have been benefit races for Quake City Rumble. Kell took the Condition Oakland QCR Race, We both damn near dominated the QCR Sprints, while racing around in various other allycats. The Main QCR event started off on Friday evening with a race from One Post St, called the Phone Booth Alleycat.

Friday, Phone Booth Alleycat, Start 6:30pm, One Post

So this one was interesting. We all met up at One Post everyone you'd normally expect to be there. Kell and myself do the presmoke warm up got our Manifest.

- Bush and Divisadero
- Howard and Beale
- Stockton and Bay
- End of Bryant
- 18th and Maripoisa
- 24th and Noe
- Church and Clipper
- 8th and Howard

Kell and myself took off chasing Chas and Steve. We were aiming to clear all the FiDi points first. We were with them all the way up until the Embarcadero. We were going, but they were faster. We knew where we were going, so forgot about them. I had decided to do a double loop back type route and as it turned out, was not the fastest route. It was major fun bombing the backside of church?!! CAN YOU DO THAT?! We came in 9th and 11th Place. Amazing Race.

The Phone Booth Alleycat Route

Saturday, The Crazy Eight Alleycat & The Pink Slip Alleycat, 12pm & 4pm, Toxic Beach

Crazy Eight's Alleycat -12pm

This was a day. It was hot, the wind was blowing, this race was long and hard. The Bright side? This race was fucking epic. We took a great route, stuck together me and Kell destroyed this one. The race mainly took us over to the other side of San Francisco, Daly city. We had to battle massive headwinds on Geneva St, but we took it all in stride and blew down highways from Bayview, to Daly City, and back. This was interesting race as you would have to go to these 2 checkpoints twice but not in back to back order. Also there one checkpoint where yoy has to answer 3 questions, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE PINK TRIANGLE CAME FROM?!

So much fun in this race, blowing past cops, hitting the freeways, many, many sprint runs here. We pulled in 4th and 5th place. Very pleased


The Pink Slip Alley 4pm

Has any of you ever been to a race that started on time? No please tell me because I have not. This race started on the money. Hit the checkpoints in any order, (this time we were heading into Downtown SF) I know San Francisco but these were everywhere and on hills. I couldn't route fast enough and get out the gate in time to have a chance. Lucky for us, my man Roddy worked with Kell and myself to a help us find a damn near great route. Now one odd thing about this was, you had to hit 3 checkpoints before 4:30 or you got "fired" (as in you had to wait up to one minute before leaving again), there were also challenges

- The Superior court house -Lock your bike up, run around the corner????
- 1180 California Street - Do the Chicken Dance

- 180 Montgomery - Sign Off

- 4 Embarcadero Center - This was inside the plaza, I actually rode though the damn place and up around the floors, hella fun

- 48 Gold Street - Sit on and ride a Barbie bike for 30 seconds

- Aquatic park - Find the Pirate haha

- 580 4th Street - Chug a beer while attempting to hula hoop

Crazy moment from this race was the draw bridge getting ready to actually draw as we rode across. Kell went into all sprint mode and took 6th and I 7th.

Crazy weekend


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