Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Windy WOB Wednesday Point Richmond Run.

It's been a while since The Kid logged in and left a little something for yall to read. I apologize for my absence but I'm back in full effect. Just incase you didn't know by now, The WOB is all the rage. Entering our second summer as a team and growing larger and larger, daily. But in current news: Todays was an epic day for a Point Richmond ride in less than ideal conditions. facing head/crosswinds of up to an estimated 20 mph gusts and a steady breeze of about 15 while maxing out in intervals every mile or so. lets just say we were climbing the whole way. Kell avoided a near Wipe Out Bending the corner of Hollis and...? i.d.k. (the street leading into Aquatic Park)(Balls would know). unclipping from the Ataks on the right side while sending his bike into a full on drift while being pinched by a gold minivan and I. kudos to him for keeping the bike up and us both alive. besides the wind and the close call, today was great. Found a new abandoned building spot, the size of two football fields, explored a bit, burned and headed home. We ended the excursion at WOB hill where we soaked up the last few rays, The Bank Of America Building permits and headed for the late night BBQ at the homies house.... Who knows what lies in store for The WOB, so stay tuned. The night is young and We're Only Babies. Wesley Out, Bro. WOB

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