Sunday, June 6, 2010


Haven't posted in some time so Ill keep it brief. Its been one wet winter, a hell of a start to a summer, and warp one billion stories. I really wish I could tell you them all, but I digress. However, should you find me in the streets; crack one, and ask me about it. So far this summer the WOB is holding one 1st, two 2nds, two 3rds, and a shit ton of top tens. Also you may have missed that there was an LA trip with a monumental 400 racer, closed corse, 4am, fiasco, with two cars of WOBs racing. Their were mixed results in the luck category on that trip, but I beg you to find a rider who will down play the experience. A quick second to gloat about my shiny new Chrome WINNERS jersey, and off to a serious note. As per Jeremiah's last, and most detailed and epic post... There has been a spell of–Wipe Out Boys–poetic justice, in the form of first J.B., then me, and then Tone all cracking helmets. Laura and my brothers G.F. going(we're) over bars and hitting their faces. As well as a whole slue of lesser but just as alarming spills, culminating in J.B.'s oh so flipper like, clipped in, helmet-less smack down tonight. Also condolences to the nice girl who had the unfortine luck with her anckel at the QCR sprints yesterday. Feel better. So yall be careful out there.

I leave you now with what I can find in terms of relative photos, in who knows what order. In hopes that some more tech savvy WOB will ad some more content I am missing, wink, wink.

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