Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quake City Rumble Alleycat (Oakland)

Today was hot. Oakland was a blistering 90 if not plus degrees. I woke up this morning at 9am and it was already high 80's, damn.

The race was a lot of fun. I want to say maybe around 25, 30 people entered. Manifests were given, and the race started at 1:30pm. The checkpoints were all around Oakland from The Oakland Rose Garden, to 16th and Wood, which is like the middle of nowhere. The first checkpoint we hit was in the Piedmont Cemetery, it was also the longest to find. After a little hunting we found it but Kell managed to get out of there fast. I manged to trail him from 2 BLOCKS away from one checkpoint to another. Not an easy task. I did lose him after a while. I ended up teaming with Daniel and Brian for the next leg, but we couldnt find this so called "waterfall". I dropped them and ended up riding with Adam S for a second before heading in different directions. I managed loop backside of the lake, to Jack London, then hit the next two with no problem. Chas Caught me on Mandela, and we slightly worked together to hit the Wood street checkpoint. He left me on MLK, dang.

Overall it was a great race and I did better than expected, an 8th place. Kell with his Chrome Jersey on came in first place!!! Congratulations dude. Another win for this guy and the WOB.

Also it was Kell's Birthday earlier this week. We rode & partied.

Post ride smoke

The Real Winner

Here are some pictures from the champs birthday also

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