Friday, August 28, 2009


Three WOBs took a ride yesterday. Ignoring our better judgement and looking for an easy wob we took to the valley. Myself, Weaver, and Watanabe knew it would be hot on the Iron Horse Trail, but headed to Walnut Creak regardless. The plan, W.C. to Dublin via the Iron Horse, Dublin to Castro Valley via Dublin Canyon Rd and then Castro Valley back to Oakland via the ghetto. Having done the first leg plenty of times we knew what we were in for, a long hot flat 16 mi with minimum shade. Upon arriving at Dublin BART we refueled and had a brief discussion regarding the unridden and obviously hilly leg of the ride. Being that no one wanted to be the one to say "lets not" we continued. A short ride through Pleasenton and we were facing a loooong mellow climb up Dublin Canyon Rd.. This hill aint the steepest, but its DAMN LONG and it was in the 90's all day, so needles to say, it was a killer. To top things off my dumb ass had a backpack on. We all worked hard, especially Robin who ascended with a 52 17 gear ratio(BEAST). Staying true to my current trend of partying too hard before rides. I made it to the top second only to be the first to blow chunks. We rested at top and cruised down into CV, I was pooped after the climb and loosing my lunch so I took it easy, however I must note that the decent from the summit is a long speedy blast that I would love to crush with reckless abandonment some day. We decided that we had enough of the heat and coped a BART ride home from CV. We got off at Fruitvale to indulge in some tacos, because as they say, "You will always find peace at the golden sands of Sinaloa."

To scout the rout closer:

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