Sunday, August 30, 2009

Over the Bars

Wiped out when I got cut off by a car at 20th and International. Car turned in front of me, forced me very hard right. Took the turn very wide due to speed, pedal bite galore. Almost saved it but lost control and over the bars I go, right in front of a sheriff. He asked me if I was ok, which I am. Could have been much worse. I have a sprained wrist, two lightly sprained ankles, and the usual cuts and bruises.

No one promised the wob life would be easy.

Wob On Brothers


  1. get better soon brother. Glad your not seriously injured!

  2. I second that bro. It was kinda funny seeing you cookin around the corner, full stroke. Lol. .... Once i figured out you were ort, of course.