Friday, August 21, 2009

MACAFRAMA - William's experience

So yesterday was the MACAFRAMA benefit race held in San Francisco. The race consisted of 3 tiers, each with 3 checkpoints, choose one to your liking. Try and get a first place card at each one, then race back, get the next tier, etc...

Almost All of the Messengers from San Francisco Were there along with a lot of daily riders. WOB Showed up and was ready to go.

At the start I personally got off the block first and got to the first checkpoint first, getting a first place card, (How many time did I just type out first, WOB!)
Kell was right behind me, somehow we lost Robin in our wake. We race back to 111 Minna got the next Tier and we set off to Coit Tower. Can Someone say Brutal? Raced Back to 111 and got the next stage. Conservatory of flowers in Golden Gate Park, when this happens:

On our way up we shot down Mission street. Mind You this was Rush Hour and shit was Packed. We zig zagging at insane speeds when we almost killed some kid on a brakeless BMX trying to navigate traffic. How many times me and Kell almost collided with him I wouldn't tell you. Then we do pass and we're drafting each other down Mission past 6th and 7th streets when Kell Dropped into another racers draft and Mines into his. Somehow I ended up catching myself on Kell's Tire and went down hard. Told Kell to keep going. He followed in Clary's wake.

Me, Down and out. Handlebars were tilted to the side, bleeding, bruised, fuck. So didnt wanna ride with sideways handlebars and in pain I decided to head back to the finish. I do believe Kell Came in 2nd overall and Robin... not too sure what happened there. Here are a few Pics

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